By Ilda.Hoxha

More than two months after the removal of the National Circus Tent, Tirana Municipality and the Ministry of Culture have yet to find a suitable location for the new Tent. The Municipality officially confirmed this to Faktoje through an official letter. Despite practically being out on the street, the Circus troupe has planned shows to entertain children for the holiday season.


“Within November, we will submit to Tirana Municipality all requests concerning our program, in regards to determining the location in the new areas” – Minister of Culture Elva Margariti stated on October 25, a few days after the tent where Circus artists rehearsed and held their shows was removed.

On November 22, Faktoje sent a request for information to Tirana Municipality, inquiring about the current status of establishing a new location for the National Circus Tent.

Request for information addressed to Tirana Municipality, November 22, 2021

Due to Tirana Municipality’s lack of reply, we filed a complaint with the Information Commissioner on December 13.

Complaint addressed to the Information Commissioner, December 13

On December 24, Faktoje received the reply via mail. The official reply of Tirana Municipality states that, inter alia, no suitable location has been determined as of yet for the new tent of the National Circus.

“Tirana Municipality, through the Letter with Protocol No. 41812/1, dated 26.11.2021, has informed the Ministry of Culture that no suitable premises are available to provide a long-term solution for carrying out the administrative and content activity of the National Circus”- Tirana Municipality explains.

Tirana Municipality’s reply to Faktoje, December 24, 2021

Rehearsals in the ‘ruins’ of the Circus

Since October 21, the members of the National Circus have been without a ‘home’ and feeling discouraged about the future.

On November 20, Faktoje reported that the artists were neither rehearsing, nor performing, while the Ministry of Culture explained that it had provided the artists with access to the gym of “Sinan Tafaj” High School in the capital. A month after the publication of this article, Circus artists stated as follows:

“We are not rehearsing at schools, as the Ministry stated, but at the remaining gyms of the circus. These are the same gyms that are located next to the Metropol Theater.” – Julian Kazazi, President of the Independent Union of National Circus Artists, told Faktoje.

Premises where Circus artists are rehearsing

Premises where Circus artists are rehearsing

Circus artists: We will continue performing, regardless of the conditions

Julian Kazazi, President of the Independent Union of National Circus Artists, told Faktoje that the rehearsals continued in order to hold shows for the community of children in need.

“Rehearsals continue despite the unsuitable conditions for circus artists. We are preparing to perform shows we have organized ourselves, under the artistic direction of Ms. Alketa Haxhiu during the holidays, in order to be near those vulnerable through our activity at their centers. We have planned to hold 5 other shows by the end of this year, which will be held at “Shtëpia e Foshnjës”, “Zyber Hallulli” orphanage, etc.”, Julian Kazazi, President of the Union of Artists, stated.

Photo of the former location of the National Circus, November 2021.