Balkan Lies I


From October 1st, Roaming Internet Prices Between Europe and the Western Balkans Decreased by Up to 99%

Explanatory fact: The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, announced that from October 1, 2023, roaming internet prices have decreased by up to 99% on average. A verification by Faktoje shows that the prices of internet roaming packages and tariffs of mobile companies had not changed. The reduction was applied only to pay-as-you-go internet and will occur in three phases, taking several years.


Bulgaria Pressured the Macedonian Minority in Albania to Register as Bulgarians in the INSTAT Census

Explanatory fact: Publications on the social network Facebook show the influence exerted on residents of areas where the Macedonian minority lives to declare themselves as Bulgarians in the census, and threats to revoke or deny Bulgarian citizenship for those who had acquired this right.


Vučić Spread a Rumor in Serbian Media That His Biological Father is a Journalist from Kosovo

Explanatory fact: This theory, repeated for at least 10 years, was brought back into focus by Vučić himself during the recent election campaign as a strategy to discredit the opposition there as the spreaders of this rumor.


The Issue of Visa Liberalization for Kosovo Has Been Suspended by France

Explanatory fact: On October 17, during his visit to Tirana, French President Emmanuel Macron declared that the issue of visa liberalization for Kosovo has been suspended by France. However, the European Council and Commission confirmed to Faktoje that the visa liberalization process for Kosovo is not suspended and no member state has requested such a suspension from the union.


NATO is Alarmed That Russia Will Start a War in the Balkans. Stoltenberg is Conducting a Regional Tour for This Reason

Explanatory fact: Statements from NATO and the EU recognize Russia's ongoing efforts to extend its influence in the Balkans, but at no point did they support the expectation of a war starting in the Balkans.


"Albin Kurti is Promoting Greater Albania"

Explanatory fact: The visit of Kosovo's Prime Minister, Albin Kurti, to Tetovo and Čair in Skopje was used by Serbian propaganda to accuse Kurti of promoting "Greater Albania" and even that Kurti would attack Serbia, Montenegro, or North Macedonia under different circumstances. Verification by Faktoje shows that although Kurti's visit was used for internal politics in North Macedonia, Serbia's claims about promoting Greater Albania are unfounded.