Balkan Lies II


Is the secession of Republika Srpska from Bosnia and Herzegovina a matter of weeks?

Explanatory fact: Dodik has often used the threat of secession from Bosnia and Herzegovina as a weapon for political battles in pursuit of his agenda over the years.


Did Greece veto Albania's european integration because of Fredi Beleri?

Explanatory fact: Aside from declarations from the parties involved, news sources, or media stances, there is no official document that confirms the narrative about a Greek veto against Albania.


Investigations into cyberattacks on Albania only accused lower-level employees for not updating antivirus software?

Explanatory fact: The press office of the capital's prosecutor confirmed in response to a "Faktoje" request that the investigations have been suspended, unable to formulate an official charge against the organizers of the attack that paralyzed government online services.


Are anti-government protests in Serbia incited by third parties like Albania and the European Union?

Explanatory fact: Vučić is always in search of an external enemy whenever serious events occur. The idea of Albanian lobbyists has been present in his rhetoric for years, portraying them as opponents of Serbian interests and international alliances with Russia, China, etc.


Is the decision of the bank of Kosovo to ban the serbian dinar in accordance with Kosovo's laws?

Explanatory fact: In 2002, UNMIK and the European Union entrusted the Central Bank of Kosovo (then BPK) with the replacement of the currency to the euro in cooperation with the European Central Bank. Although it is not part of the Eurozone, Kosovo legally declared the euro as its sole official currency. The 2008 Constitution of Kosovo stipulated 'the use of a single currency as a valid means of payment.'


Is the boy in this photo an Albanian serving in the Israeli army?

Explanatory fact: A search using the Tineye image search engine revealed that the above photo does not show an Albanian boy named Gëzim Palaj. In fact, the boy in the photo is an Israeli border police officer named Asil SaWaed.