Balkans Lies III


The violence and persecution of the Kosovo government caused an exodus of Serbs from Kosovo.

Explanatory fact: Vucic raised the 'concern' about the exodus of Serbs from Kosovo, at the meeting of the UN Security Council, citing figures which he never supported with data and statistics. The report on the Serbian population in Kosovo, of the European Stability Initiative refutes Vucic's claim about the exodus of Kosovo Serbs by proving the decline of the Serbian population, sometimes at a faster rate than the decline of the Serbian population in Kosovo.


The NATO base in Kučovo is of strategic importance for the alliance's missions.

Explanatory fact: Security experts consider the opening of the NATO base in Kuçovë a strategic move. Together with the American naval and air military bases in Greece, this base can serve as an advanced operational unit to support NATO forces with special forces units.


The Tirana Summit "Ukraine - Southeastern Europe" was expected to include discussions about Kosovo.

Explanatory fact: Media articles reported that Zelensky had "posted the first message from Albania" in which he stated that "we will also discuss the issue of Kosovo." It appears that Albanian-speaking media referred to a Twitter post from the account @VzelenskyUA, which is not the official profile of the Ukrainian president.


The free labor market among the Open Balkan countries opened on March 1.

Explanatory fact: The news about the opening of the free labor market among Albania, North Macedonia, and Serbia is a repetition of the pro-Open Balkan initiative propaganda. The facts show that so far this "free market" has remained only on paper. It is also unknown how long it will take for the online application for citizens of the signatory states to be enabled and to actually function.


The opening of the Innovation, Security, and Defense Center in Albania was considered a "hybrid" threat by Russia

Explanatory fact: The opening of the new security and defense innovation center in Albania sparked a Russian narrative labeling this NATO investment as a "source of hybrid threats" through the spokeswoman of the Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova. Experts consulted by Faktoje dismiss Russia's claims, arguing that such centers are essential for blocking Russian destabilizing activities and ensuring European security architecture.


The American Intelligence Report predicted war in the Balkans.

Explanatory fact: Contrary to what the media proclaim, the report warns of localized interethnic violence, a present risk in the region but one that experts do not expect to materialize into a full-scale war. Headlines or exaggerated news stories with a war narrative aim to attract clicks by spreading panic among readers.