Beware of online invitations to purchase lost luggages at Tirana Airport for 1 Euro only. Faktoje verified that we are dealing with fraudulent websites aiming at acquiring private information of citizens.

Posts circulating on social media networks claim that Tirana International Airport is selling lost luggage of customers for 1 Euro.

Bags have been lost by airport customers in Albania for only 1€.”        Unfortunately, there is no facility at the airport to store lost luggages; Therefore containers with various bags and electronics are available for purchase at 1 euro only! Online only. To place an order, click on the button in the above ad, and visit the page‘ – is written in posts shared on social media.

Posts shared on social media

Alongside the post, there is also a picture showing a cluster of suitcases and a sign that reads 1 Euro, as well as the logo of Tirana International Airport.

We conducted a verification of the post by first examining the source page of the information. The search revealed that the page that posted it has 66 followers on Facebook and has few posts. All the posts are related to these schemes where suitcases are offered for 1 Euro.

The post is accompanied by a link that takes you to a fake page resembling TIA, which includes a survey. Be careful and avoid filling in or providing any information, especially those related to your bank account. Their aim is to steal this information.

Official Facebook page of Tirana International Airport has over 39 thousand followers, and there are no posts related to such schemes. Faktoje has previously reported on such fraudulent schemes, involving Tirana International Airport, ‘Mother Teresa’.


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