Ukrainian President Zelensky landed in Tirana on February 27, 2024, embarking on a two-day stay to participate in the Ukraine summit held in the capital on February 28 and 29.

On February 28, various Albanian-speaking media sources reported Zelensky’s announcement that Kosovo would be a topic of discussion during the summit.

Summit in Tirana, Zelensky: We will also address the Kosovo issue


Ukraine summit in Tirana: Zelensky delivers his first message from Albania


Media articles reported that Zelensky had ‘posted his first message from Albania’ stating, ‘We will also discuss the Kosovo issue.’

The news circulating on portals referred to a post by Zelensky on Twitter.

However, on Zelensky’s official profile, where he has also posted about the summit, there is no mention of the Kosovo issue being part of the summit discussions.

It seems that Albanian-speaking media outlets have referenced a Twitter post from the account @VZelenskyUA, which reads:

‘It was a pleasure meeting the Albanian Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs, @IgliHasani! We will discuss the Crimea issue, #Kosovo, and support for Ukraine. #Albania is a prosperous country, so I hope for their financial participation in strengthening democracy and freedom!’

As can be understood from the assertion that ‘Albania is a wealthy country’ and consequently expected to contribute financially to Ukraine, it is evident that this post is not from Zelensky but from an account impersonating him.

In fact, even in the bio of the @VZelenskyUA account, it is explicitly mentioned that the profile is a parody.


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