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Alignment of Albanian legislation with Artificial Intelligence?

The European Commission expresses reservations regarding the alignment model of EU Legislation in Albania through Artificial Intelligence. The Commission stated to Faktoje that use of applications will not be able to replace the knowledge and expertise that candidate countries must build. Integration issues experts in Albanian, despite appreciating innovation, explain that Albania’s challenge in this process remains low enforcement.

Esmeralda Topi  

The development of artificial intelligence on a large scale over the past year has brought about possibilities that often go beyond imagination. So was the model that Prime Minister Edi Rama introduced to the Albanians at the Socialist Party Congress on December 8th.

“I would like to share with you, that on December 13th in Brussels, when the meeting concludes along with the Greek dilemma, I will leave to all European Union leaders as a postcard for the New Year of Albania, the result of the successful test of the Albanian model of artificial intelligence for the transposition into our legislation of the 280,000 pages of EU legal acts.”stated Prime Minister Rama from the Extraordinary Congress of Socialist Party in early December

This statement was made a week before Prime Minster set off for Brussels where the Summit of European Union and Western Balkans was held.

Artificial Intelligence Model, as explained by Rama, was developed by a joint team between AKSHI and Mira Murati, the famous Albanian who created Chat GPT application.

As promised, Rama appeared to Brussels with the Albanian Model file of using Artificial Intelligence to translate and harmonize the EU legislation in the framework of accession process.


Prime Minister Edi Rama, December 13, 2023

On December 13th, on his official Facebook profile, Prime Minister shared with his followers a picture of himself with a dossier, on which it was written the following:

‘Albania uses Artificial Intelligence to build up connections with Europe’ 

On December 14, when he came back to Tirana after the Summit, Rama said:

“I have informed, with great pride for the sake of truth, the Summit on our new revolutionary innovative model of Artificial Intelligence with which we will transpose 3484 EU legal acts into our legislation.”

The Albanian AI model in the eyes of Brussels 

Rama has introduced the use of ChatGPT for legislation alignment as a magical stick that will save us all time, people and money in this technical step of the integration process. However, the other side of the coin belongs to Brussels. To learn how it assesses this initiative, as declared by Rama as revolutionary, Faktoje addressed a request for information to the European Commission, which expresses reservations about the alignment model of EU legislation in Albania through Artificial Intelligence. The Commission explained to Faktoje that use of applications will not be able to replace the knowledge and expertise that candidate countries must build.

“Regarding AI ad hoc uses, while they may potentially have a positive contribution to tasks such as translation and comparison of legislation, such applications will not certainly be able to fully replace the knowledge and expertise that candidate countries must build, not only to fully align with EU Acquis, but also to be able to implement it until accession.”,  a spokesperson for the Commission replied to Faktoje.

Media and Information Agency stated to Faktoje that the basis on which the model is being used is regulated and internationally recognized.

“This model uses public data only to conduct ‘information-retrieval.’ As far as EU directives are concerned where the Artificial Intelligence is classified into 4 risk categories, this model is compliant with the second (2) category, with limited risk. This is because AI model does not use sensitive data and does not take autonomous decisions which could be misused or misinterpreted.’– explains MIA adding that the project has been “founded” by OpenAI’s experts and is in continuous consultation with Microsoft.

No technology can replace law enforcement! 

Despite benefits that use of artificial intelligence brings to the mechanical process of legislation alignment, researchers also address some issues.

“EU alignment process is not a formal process that starts and ends with writing of acts, nut embodiment and implementation is the essence, “says the researcher, Afrim Krasniqi, adding that government attempts to present it as a fact are actually just to create innovation idea in the government more than an actual result.

On the other hand, Gledis Gjipali, Executive Director of the “European Movement for Albania,” also believes that the main issue in legislation alignment lies more in its implementation than in its drafting.

“This is the main part of the required reforms and the biggest challenge for Albanian society, which includes building and strengthening of institutions, increasing human capacities, sustainable financing, and clear political will, “he says, emphasizing that this is the biggest challenge ahead for Albania.”



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