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Robert De Niro did not compare Israel to a rabid dog from the US

A purported quote from actor Robert De Niro in which he says that the United States of America is to blame for the conflict in Palestine is circulating on the Internet. Faktoje’s verification revealed that there is no evidence that De Niro ever made such a statement.


The escalation of the conflict in Palestine, as a result of which more than 1,000 people have died, has begun to generate misinformation about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

An alleged quote by the American actor Robert De Niro is circulating again on social networks , in which he speaks against Israel and the United States, regarding their position in this conflict.

“…If you get bitten by an infected wild dog, who will you blame? The dog or the owner? Definitely to the lord. So… All the blame falls on the shoulders of the US government for adopting and supporting a state like Israel,” De Niro is alleged to have said.

What is first noticeable in this post is that it lacks some basic elements of reference, such as the time when the publication was made, the statement, or the interview where De Niro supposedly said these words.

This quote has been attributed to Robert De Niro for at least 10 years . In some cases, it is claimed that he made this statement during an interview on Fox News. However, until now, no one has been able to find this interview.

The pro-Palestine coalition, Stop the War, published in 2011 a retraction of an article claiming that De Niro had made the above statement, after it could not be confirmed as true.

“Pending verification from an authoritative source that Robert De Niro made the quote about Gaza in an interview with Fox News, Stop the War has removed this article from our site. It will be returned when we have a verifiable source for the quote,” the organization wrote, regarding the article that has not yet been returned to their site.

Meanwhile, Robert De Niro, in 2013 , met in Jerusalem with the then president of Israel, Shimon Peres, to participate in Peres’ 90th birthday celebrations. 


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