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Faktoje becomes a member of the European Network of Fact Checking Standards

“Faktoje” center is a verified member of the European Fact Checking Standards Network ( EFCSN) since October 5, 2023. Membership in this network shows the public which European fact-checking organizations operate independently, ethically and with a commitment to serving the public interest.

Faktoje, the only Albanian media, has managed to meet the criteria of the Code of European Standards, which include the quality of sources, impartiality and financial transparency. (Click here to familiarize yourself with the Code of Standards ).

Why is it important?

Membership in the European Network of Fact-Checking Standards certifies that Faktoje adheres to high European standards in fact-checking.

EFCSN includes among a selected number of European fact-checking organizations the news agencies AFP, DPA and serves as a certificate of credibility and transparency for organizations that check information in Europe.

The EFCSN logo is included on Faktoje’s official website, along with the logo of IFCN, the Global Fact-Checking Network, where we have been a part for 3 years.

What does the public gain?

Credibility and Accuracy : More committed to ensure accuracy and professionalism in verifying information.

Collaboration and expertise : In a community that believes in and adheres to the same principles and values of journalism, we share experiences and improve to inform and raise public awareness.

Positive Impact : Contributing to the fight against misinformation, making a real and positive difference in our society.

A little history about EFCSN

EFCSN started as a project of the Call of Integrity of Social Media of the European Commission and is led by 6 European organizations dedicated to the fight against disinformation: Fundación Maldita.es (Spain), AFP (France), CORRECTIV (Germany), DEMAGOG (Poland), Pagella Politica / Facta (Italy) and EU DisinfoLab (Belgium).

Faktoje joined this project more than a year ago, together with fact-checking organizations from 30 European countries, as part of the working group, for the drafting and approval of the European Professional Code of Standards, in the framework of the fight against disinformation.

The code was the result of several months of research work, surveys, debates and discussions between European fact-checking organizations, in collaboration with academics and experts in the field.

This code now serves as the constitution of fact-checking organizations that aspire to membership in the European Network, EFCSN, and are committed to serving the public interest. For membership in this network, aspiring organizations undergo a detailed and comprehensive verification by local and international experts on journalistic standards and financial transparency, every two years.


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