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NATO has not deployed troops to combat in Ukraine

The assistance NATO has extended to Ukraine since the onset of the conflict with Russia has frequently been misinterpreted in the media as direct involvement in combat through military forces. This narrative was furthered by a statement from the Polish Foreign Minister, Radosław Sikorski. It was interpreted as an ‘acknowledgment’ that NATO soldiers are engaged in the conflict. In reality, this is an inaccurate translation of the Polish minister’s statement by the media, leading to the spread of misinformation.

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In the media, it was reported that the Polish Foreign Minister, Radosław Sikorski, had claimed that NATO troops are already in Ukraine. This statement was seen as NATO’s participation in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. The news first circulated in foreign media like British Sky News and was later translated into Albanian.

‘It is not clear in what capacity the soldiers are being utilized.’ reported the media, implying that NATO troops are currently involved in the conflict in Ukraine.

WARSAW – Sikorski: NATO soldiers already present in Ukraine

*article published on the Albanian Telegraphic Agency

*article published on Lapsi.al


Firm statement from the Polish Foreign Minister: NATO soldiers now present in Ukraine

*the news published in the Albanian media in English

This statement also resonated in Russian media, which have been claiming the involvement of NATO troops in the conflict for some time.

However, reading the news from foreign media, such as Polish outlets that reported the full statement of their foreign minister, and other media that faithfully translated the news, it is understood what kind of soldiers the Polish minister is referring to.

It is not about troops that will actively participate in military operations, but about soldiers involved in training Ukrainians on the ground, as well as in the use of military equipment.’ –Minister Sikorski is quoted as saying.

Faktoje addressed NATO with a request for information on the claim raised by some media. In response, a NATO official informed Faktoje that the alliance is providing unprecedented military support to Ukraine, support that began in 2014 after the annexation of Crimea and has increased even more after Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

‘NATO has no plans for military troops on the ground in Ukraine’. – NATO’s response to Faktoje


NATO maintains that Russia’s aggression against Ukraine breaches international law, affording Ukraine the right to self-defense and NATO the right to provide support.

This is what NATO allies are doing and will continue to do‘- the North Atlantic Alliance responded to Faktoje.

The narrative of NATO’s engagement in Ukraine’s conflict is perilous, as Russia often exploits it to escalate threats, from declaring war on NATO to nuclear threats.


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