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Football championship celebrations in Algeria are mistaken with bombings in Israel

A video is circulating on social media that people claim shows burning buildings in Gaza from Israeli bombing. Verifications show that in fact the images from the clip in question are from the year 2020, shot during the celebrations for the victory of a football team in Algeria.  

“Hell has come to Gaza to stay for a while, the Israeli air force bombards the city”. 

This is one of the messages being shared along with a video that users claim shows footage of Israeli-Palestinian fighting. The video shared on Tik Tok is claimed to have been shot in Israel and shows Hamas bombings burning down buildings there. 

“Watch the 2 macabre videos, see how man kills man and that’s how governments and leaders start wars and then send people to kill and slaughter each other,” writes a user on the Facebook social network as she shares the same video. 

The truth is that the images excerpted in this clip are not from the fighting between Israel and Palestine. Our fact-checking colleagues in Spain Maldita.es have verified the video. Verifications show that the video being shared massively is from 2020. 

Filming was recorded in Algeria and the images show how people there celebrated the victory of a football match. The alleged fires are the red lights and fireworks that Algerian fans used to celebrate the Cr Belouizdad team’s title.

You can find the original video here . It was shared on youtube by the profile of Ultras Fanatics Red , ardent supporters of the football team CR Belouizdad in Algeria. The footage shows the celebrations for the championship title that the team took in the Algerian championship in August 2020. But this is not the only case where people on the net fall prey to fake  footage from the war between Israel and Palestine.

Verification and accurate reporting of events in Israel and Palestine is very important as fake news can create confusion and incite hatred in public opinion towards the parties to the conflict. News verification is also critical in distinguishing between propaganda and reality, as each of the parties involved in the conflict can use social media to spread propaganda and present a version of events that favors them. 


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