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Death of George Soros – fake news

The news that the billionaire at the center of many conspiracy theories, George Soros, has died is false. Soros himself has confirmed on social networks that he is “alive and healthy”.


In recent days, the claim that billionaire George Soros has died spread on social networks , including Albanian-speaking ones . These claims were accompanied by expressions of joy over the death of the billionaire who has long been the target of a series of conspiracy theories that blame him for an almost supernatural range of evils.

Those who spread the news will be disappointed to learn that the 92-year-old is actually still alive and, as he himself wrote on his Twitter account on May 15, “healthy.”

“The rumors that I have suffered a heart attack are completely false. I am alive and healthy.”

George Soros tweet.

A spokesperson from the Open Society Foundation also confirmed to Newsweek that “George Soros is alive and enjoys good health. Rumors on social media that he suffered a heart attack and died are false.”

“Faktoje” has also previously verified fake news targeting the 92-year-old billionaire.


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