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Manipulated video of CNN reporters acting under bombs in Gaza

A video showing CNN reporters taking cover from rockets near the Israel-Gaza border is being circulated online claiming it is staged. The verification of “Faktoje” revealed that the video has been manipulated.


Footage of CNN journalists seeking shelter from rockets on the Israel-Gaza border is being shared on social media . During the video, a voice can be heard that seems to be instructing the journalists how to act. As a result, this video is circulating with the claim that CNN has staged this chronicle.

Faktoje’s fact-checker found that the original CNN story of October 9 did not contain the voice directing the journalists’ ‘acting’.

The clip that is circulating online, in the upper left corner, contains the logo of a site called “The Quartering”. It was posted on Twitter by the account with the same name on October 11.

In another tweet , The Quartering account admitted that the voice over the video was not real.


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