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Netanyahu with the red heifer of the Hebrew ritual, image created by AI

Claim: This image shows Israeli President Netanyahu delivering a message regarding a prophecy

Verdict: False, Generated with AI

An image circulating on social media appears to show Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posing with a red heifer. The image is described as a ‘message’ related to a ‘Red Heifer Prophecy.

The Reis

After the Solar Eclipse, Israeli President Netanyahu gave the signal with a red heifer in a tunnel. The Red Heifer Prophecy is being completed or is being fulfilled. This is not a normal photo, this is a message. Its basis is the Al-Aqsa Mosque.


The post, shared during these tense moments in the historic Israel-Palestine conflict, refers to a Hebrew ritual that involves the sacrifice of a red heifer as a preparation for the construction of a temple (the Third Temple) on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, where the Al-Aqsa Mosque has been located for 13 centuries. The online image is being used as ‘evidence’ that Israel is preparing for the final defeat of the Palestinians by fulfilling an ancient Hebrew prophecy.

The above image is clearly generated using computer artificial intelligence (AI) programs.  This is evident in the unnatural lighting angles, the blurring of the image, and the entirely white background on a dusty floor. In fact, this image more closely resembles a highly realistic painting than a photograph.

The AI origin of the image is also confirmed by the Is It AI tool used to detect if an image is generated with artificial intelligence.

It is also important to note that the source of the image, indicated at the bottom, @BenShapiro_IL, is a satirical Twitter account.

Another indication that the above image is computer-generated is that the red heifer, which meets the requirements set by ancient Hebrew law, is practically a biological anomaly. For example, the heifer must be entirely of one color (without spots or blemishes), and its hairs must be perfectly straight (to ensure that the heifer has not had a yoke placed on it previously).

This claim has also been debunked by colleagues at Hibrid.



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