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The eco park was opened 5 years after the promise and will require payment

After nearly 5 years since the start of construction, the Eco Park, formerly a landfill in Porto Romano, is now officially open to the public. Access to the sports facilities, as confirmed by the Municipality of Durrës, will require a fee.

Ilda Hoxha

In December 2019, Prime Minister Edi Rama inspected the construction progress in Porto Romano, where work had begun to transform the waste site into a park. In September 2022, the Municipality of Durrës informed Faktoje that the project was in the final stages of approval and was expected to open soon.

‘The Eco Park project is expected to open as soon as the approval process for the facility is completed and handed over to the Municipality of Durrës for use,’ the Municipality of Durrës officially announced.

After more than 4 years since the start of construction and many promises from public officials, the Eco Park, an investment worth 1.95 billion ALL, has finally opened. Faktoje learned from the Municipality of Durrës that the Eco Park opened on January 15 of this year and has been free for citizens for over two months.

‘Eco-Park Durrës began operating on January 15, 2024, and is fully functional, serving the citizens. In addition to providing leisure time for citizens, Eco Park also hosts sports activities.

Basketball, tennis, and football fields are available, and sports Olympiads have been organized by high schools in the city of Durrës, with free entry.

Ballet groups, as well as fitness and aerobics classes, are also offered in the open gym and fields, all free of charge,’ the institution announced.

Pay-to-Enter Eco Park

The Municipality emphasizes that starting from April 3, 2024, entrance to the sports facilities will require payment.

‘Until April 2, 2024, Eco Park is open for free entry, as part of our promotional efforts. Subsequently, entry will be charged only for the sports facilities, including basketball, volleyball, tennis, football, and the climbing wall,’ announced the Municipality of Durrës.

In the Municipal Council’s Decision dated December 22, 2023, the tariff plan for entrance fees has been established. Prices range from 500 ALL for climbing the wall, to 800 ALL and up to 1,000 ALL for the sports facilities.


Rates for sports activities in Eco-Park and Vala Park:

‹ Football field: 1000 ALL per hour

Basketball court: 1000 ALL per hour

* Tennis court: 800 ALL per hour

Mini Football Field: 1000 ALL per hour

Volleyball court: 1000 ALL per hour

Climbing (wall climbing): 500 ALL per person per day


List of prices to enter Eco Park

Faktoje conducted an on-site verification on March 27 to get a closer look at the park. The construction had been completed, and entry to its premises was allowed. During the verification, the fields were closed, and no sports activities were taking place.

Numerous Promises for Eco Park

Located approximately 4 kilometers from the city, the field served for decades as a site for waste deposition and incineration on an area of around 80,000 m2, filled with urban, inert, hazardous waste, and animal carcasses.

In June 2018, Prime Minister Edi Rama spoke about the construction of Eco Park, which would replace the urban waste field in Porto-Romano.

In 2019, Prime Minister Edi Rama declared: ‘Xhuli [Zhyljen Varfaj, appointed Mayor of Durrës at the time] on June 1, 2021, should be the biggest celebration the kids have ever seen in the history of Albania, here with the new park of Durrës.’

Promises for the opening of Eco Park were also made by the Mayor of Durrës, Emiriana Sako. In March 2021, Sako stated that the park project would be completed by October of that year.

Another promise for this park was made by Minister Belinda Balluku in May 2021. She promised that the works would be completed by the end of September.

The area’s residents have eagerly awaited the park’s opening, which is the first of its kind in these dimensions in the entire territory of the Municipality of this city.


After about 5 years of failing to build Eco Park, we finally categorize this promise as fulfilled.




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