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Protest in Germany, not with photos of Covid vaccine victims

Citizens suffering from the long-term effects of Coronavirus have protested in front of the German parliament, demanding support and funding for their health conditions. However, the protest, which used 400 photographs placed on wheelchairs to symbolize their inability to resume normal life due to chronic symptoms, was misinterpreted on social media as a “demonstration with photos of victims and those affected by the Covid vaccine.”

Jona Plumbi

Hundreds of wheelchairs, a symbol of the fate of many patients who have been affected by Covid for a long time, were placed in front of the German Bundestag in Berlin on July 4, 2023, by the initiative “Not Recovered.”

This activism has been interpreted on social media as “Demonstration in front of the German Bundestag with photographs of victims and those harmed by the bio-weapon Covid vaccine.”

The video published with the claim that the photographs placed on the wheelchairs belong to the victims of Covid-19 vaccines introduces a word in German which is “Nichtgenesen”.

Upon searching the web using this keyword, you will find that it refers to an initiative named “Not Recovered.”

People in Germany suffering from fatigue and experiencing Post-Covid and Post-Vaccination effects have joined forces in a collective effort to secure funding for addressing the lingering health issues resulting from Covid-19 infection or vaccination.

This collective effort, known as the “Not Recovered” initiative, placed 400 wheelchairs in front of the Bundestag. Each wheelchair displayed the portrait of an individual, either a patient or a loved one, who is enduring the consequences of Covid-19 but not as a victim of Covid vaccination, as wrongly claimed in some reports.

They seek funding for scientific research and support, i.e. the allocation of at least 200 million euros from the federal budget for research, education, and care for those affected by fatigue, post-Covid symptoms, and post-Covid vaccination symptoms. Meanwhile, Berliner Zeitung reports that the German parliament is discussing the “Post-Covid and Post-Vaccination Syndrome Care” law.

According to the definition of the World Health Organization, post-Covid-19 disease typically occurs three months after Covid-19 infection, with symptoms lasting at least two months and not attributed to any other diagnosis. The most common symptoms include fatigue, shortness of breath, cognitive dysfunction, and others that impact daily routines. Symptoms may manifest after initial recovery from acute Covid-19 or continue after the initial illness. They can fluctuate or recur over time.

Based on this publicly available information, it is evident that the claim that the photos placed on wheelchairs depict victims of Covid vaccination is untrue.


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