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Basha: Teacher salaries not raised in 7 years


In December of last year, the DP Leader Lulzim Basha stated that teachers’ salaries have not increased in the past 7 years. “Faktoje” fact-checked this statement concluding that it is false. Experts of education and economy affairs also confirm that teachers’ salaries have increased in the past 7 years, albeit minimally.

On December 7th, 2020, Opposition Leader Lulzim Basha stated in a press release that the government failed to keep the promises to increase teacher salaries, noting that it had not increased during the past years.

 “There has been no salary increase in 7 years”, he stated

On January 7th, “Faktoje” submitted a request for information to the Ministry of Education inquiring about the level of teacher salary increase in the 7 years.

Request for Information addressed to the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth

The Ministry of Education replied as follows:

Reply of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth

In its reply, the Ministry informed us that the salary increase for pre-university education (from 01.05.1999 until April 2019) confirmed through the DCM No. 624, dated 24.7.2013, No. 175, dated 8.3.2017, Decision No. 191, dated 5.4.2019.

Following the reply, “Faktoje” communicated with an economy expert who explained in detail the decisions as follows:

It results that the salary of the group that is used for the accountability of the seniority-based and qualification extra pay, has increased only in 2017, according to the DCM provided by the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, from 1 thousand ALL to 2 thousand ALL per month. There have been no changes afterwards.

Meanwhile, teachers have benefited from the promotion in the job position in 2017 until 2019. The job position pay for teachers in 2017 increased by an average of 4240 ALL per month. In 2019, it increased by 2300 ALL per month.

Table created by “Faktoje”, based on the DCM data, Group salary + Position

Group salary (GS)

Example of a teacher with 10 years of experience, “Specialist” title

Also based on the expert’s analysis, “Faktoje” has concluded that teacher salaries have increased by 17 percent from 2013 until 2019.

If we consider a high school teacher, with the “Specialist” title and 10 years of work experience in education, the following increase will result:

– In 2013, the salary was 54.100 ALL

– In 2017, it increased to 60.550 ALL, marking a 12 percent salary increase.

– In 2019, it increased to 63.200 ALL, a 4 percent salary increase.

The question of whether teachers’ salaries have increased in the past years, by showcasing it according to different categories, is also confirmed by the Education Expert involved with the DP, Mr. Ndriçim Mehmeti, who stated to “Faktoje”:

“In 2017, the group salary was increased a few months prior to the elections (similarly to current times). To further clarify, the increase of 10% was solely on the group salary base of 14 thousand ALL for part of the teachers and 10 thousand ALL for other teachers. Thus, it concerns an increase of 700-1200 ALL for teachers. This was a ludicrous and insignificant increase, which was only done at the end of the first term. In September 2017, former Minister Nikolla promised a salary increase of 40% for teachers during the second four-year term, however the increase amounted to only 15%”.

As mentioned previously, the salary increased by 15%. Looking at it in real terms, the increase amount varies from 1500 to 2100 ALL, according to the calculations of economic experts and the leaders of the Independent Trade Union of Education of Albania. The latter highlight that the increase does not even index the inflation rate from 2013 to the time in question.

The Head of the Independent Trade Union of Education Mr. Nevruz Kaptelli, confirmed during a TV  interview that the salary has increased thrice in the past years.

“It has been already proven that the salary increase has occurred thrice during these years and it is a formal increase”, he stated

Meanwhile, in an article published on March 23rd, 2018, “Faktoje” has verified the salary increase for the category of pre-university teachers.

Based on the gathered information and conducted verifications, we decided to categorize the statement of the Democratic Party Leader that teachers’ salaries have not increased in 7 years as false.


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