Albania is facing an emergency in terms of electricity supply, as confirmed by Prime Minister Rama right after the extraordinary general meeting of the government last week. In order to underpin this argument, Mr. Rama confirmed that Britain, one of the 7 most powerful countries had come up with a plan to limit electricity. After contacting the press office of the government, Faktoje confirmed that the information on Britain stated by the Prime Minister is untrue and even emphasized that Britain had guaranteed the fulfillment of its requirements even for the years 2024-2025.

The decision which was announced on Friday, (08/10/2021) by Prime Minister Edi Rama after the extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers, confirmed that Albania has officially entered an electricity emergency, which is expected to last until June 2022.

According to Prime Minister Rama, the decision to state an emergency has been imposed by a general situation of staggering increase in electricity prices in international markets and it provides the government with the opportunity to intervene even with financial instruments of administrative nature.

On the same day, during a TV interview the Prime Minister emphasized that the crises has impacted other countries which are much more powerful than Albania. Following the example of Britain, Rama stated that the government of this country has prepared a plan for limiting electricity for its citizens.

“Britain has planned on limiting electricity due to manufacturing”

Based on this statement of Prime Minister Rama, Faktoje contacted the press office of the British government to learn whether such a plan exists, as stated by Prime Minister Rama.

Request addressed to the press office of the British government, October 12, 2021


In its response, which arrived within 24 hours, this entity informs us though the speaker for the British government that the information is untrue and that the government is not planning such a thing.

“Thank you for your inquiry. We confirm that the government of the United Kingdom is not planning on limiting electricity supply for consumers in the United Kingdom.”-states the official response addressed to Faktoje.

*Response of the press office of the British government for

Among other detailed information on the ways of electricity supply, this institution informs us that the British state has made sure that through the Market of Capacities (the main source for providing electricity supply) – to complete all foreseen requirements until the year 2024/2025.

Faktoje also contacted three of the only operators which provide electricity and gas supply for British citizens to learn whether they themselves foresee such thing, but all three requests are awaiting for a response.

*Request addressed to one of the companies (National Grid plc)


Starting from the fact-checking process to the gathering of information, we decided to categorize the statement of Prime Minister Rama that Britain is following a strategy to limit electricity supply as Untrue.

The Prime Minister’s interview, other inaccuracies regarding Britain.

Returning to Prime Minister Rama’s interview, he addressed Britain once more, stating that the citizens paid for electricity through cards, which doesn’t allow for remaining behind on payments or not making payments.

“In Great Britain – whoever has been there knows this – it works the same way as with phone cards, you refill it and nobody cares whether you can pay for it or not. You go and refill the card and get electricity, if you can’t pay than you don’t get any. This is a fact.”

Despite Prime Minister Rama’s effort to emphasize this fact, Faktoje found some irregularities in regard to this statement. In Great Britain, there are currently three ways to pay for electricity which demonstrate that pre-pay is not the only way for receiving electricity. The latter is paid at the end of every three months.

The ways to pay are also published on the official websiteUK Power which informs citizens continuously on this aspect.

*Alternatives for making electricity and gas payments in Britain.

According to the table, citizens can pay by phone, through the bank or online. This is also confirmed by SSE one of the three companies which provides electricity supply in Britain. This company lists pre-payment as an alternative route, thus non-compulsory.

*Among the alternatives for paying for bills according to the SSE, card electricity payment lists as listed last as an option

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