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Ukraine is not receiving military aid, pledging its mineral assets as security

The claim about Ukraine pledging its mineral wealth as security to the financial company BlackRock in order to receive military aid is baseless. Faktoje’s fact-checking explains that BlackRock and the Ukrainian government will collaborate to establish a fund for the reconstruction of the country after the end of the war.


The conspiratorial claim circulating on conspiracy networks is that ‘Ukraine’s mineral wealth has been used as collateral with the notorious BlackRock company to receive military aid.’

Ukraine’s mineral wealth has been used as collateral with the notorious BlackRock company to receive military aid.

The Khazar Jewess in the role of the Secretary of the Treasury, Janet Yellen, has met with the Khazar Jew Volodymyr Zelensky, playing the role of intermediary to put Ukraine’s wealth as collateral with the notorious BlackRock.


If we go a few decades back, we will see that Russia has provided Ukraine with financial and gas assistance, but Ukraine has not repaid Russia the loans it has taken, yet Russia has continued to supply Ukraine with vital commodities.


The contracts that Ukraine has with Russia are still valid to date. And as soon as the coup d’état was done in Ukraine in 2014, the USA immediately started military financing of Ukraine.


If we delve a bit, behind USA arming hides the vile Nazi hand that took refuge in the USA after the 2nd World War, and no less the insidious Zionist hand that has been together with the Nazi one against Russia.

The war against the Russian people and against Eastern Christianity has been part of the Rothschild Illuminati clan since the Russian Tsar disrupted the plans of the Khazarian Rothschilds at the Congress of Vienna in 1814.

At that time, Nathan Rothschild swore to annihilate Russia, and he made it a reality during the so-called October Red Revolution.

Nevertheless, the Rothschilds have never fully dominated Russia. This is because the Almighty has a (prophetic) plan regarding Russia, which will be revealed in the near future. Let us keep a watchful and synchronized gaze with the prophetic plan. (Daniel 11:40-45; compare with Haxhxh [22]:40)



As is often the case with conspiracy theories, this claim is not accompanied by any kind of evidence, reasoning, or source. The lack of evidence seems to be compensated by a genuine antisemitism that may resonate well with the reader. It’s enough for the readers to see the “Jewish” label and to be ready to immediately accept any kind of conspiracy theory as true, even in the absence of any evidence.

Faktoje could not find any international media reports mentioning a plan to use Ukraine’s mineral or natural resources as collateral for military aid involving the BlackRock company.

Financial Times reported in June of this year that the American investment company BlackRock, along with JPMorgan Chase financial company, is assisting the Ukrainian government in setting up a post-war reconstruction fund.

The main purpose of establishing this fund is to attract both state and private capital to implement large-scale business projects in Ukraine.

Ukraine Development Fund is still in the planning phase, and it is not expected to start operating until the end of conflict with Russia.

In March 2023, the World Bank estimated that Ukraine would need $411 billion for recovery after the war, but this figure has likely increased with the continuation of Russian attacks.

According to the Financial Times, BlackRock and JPMorgan are not being paid for their services in setting up this fund, but their involvement will provide investment opportunities in Ukraine ahead of other investors.

So, BlackRock is collaborating with the Ukrainian government to establish a post-war reconstruction fund, not to provide military aid. In exchange, BlackRock will have early access to the investment market in the country. In no article about this agreement is there any mention of any form of collateral, let alone the natural or mineral resources of Ukraine.

It also needs to be clarified that BlackRock is involved in various financial investments in Russia as well. In January of this year, the company disclosed the figure of $18.2 billion as the value of Russian assets held by its clients.



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