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Ukraine was not involved in financing a bomb attack against the journalist who interviewed Putin

Claim: Ukraine financed a car bomb attack against the American journalist Tucker Carlson following his interview with Putin.

Verdict: Unverified

There are news circulating on social media about an alleged car bomb attack planned and financed by Ukraine’s secret service targeting American commentator Tucker Carlson as a revenge because of his interview with Russian President Putin.

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Not many of you might have heard about a terrorist attach involving a car bomb targeting the prominent journalist

T. Carlson (similar to the one against Russian philosopher Dugin, which tragically resulted in the death of his daughter)

allegedly organized and funded by Ukraine’s

secret service. Thankfully, it was revealed in time by Russian intelligence, where they apprehended one of the Ukrainian terrorists red-handed while placing explosives in the journalist’s car in the hotel garage where he was staying in Moscow.

This information comes from the well-known Spanish journalist

Cezar Vidal, a political asylum seeker in the USA…


The above post, as usual, doesn’t provide any source or reference for the concerning claim.

Thus, we had to search for the source of this news ourselves. It seems that it was originally published by a website called The Intel Drop on February 26, 2024.

The article also included a video, which has now been removed, of an interview with someone named ‘Vasiliev Pyotr Alexeievich, who claimed to have been ‘recruited by the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.’

According to the man in the video, he was paid $4,000 to acquire an explosive device and place it under a car at the Four Seasons Hotel in Moscow. He mentioned that although he didn’t know the target at the time, he now realizes it was Tucker Carlson. ‘Vasiliev’ claims that his assassination attempt was stopped in the ‘preparatory stages’ and apologizes.

The video was posted on the YouTube channel @SpecialForces443, which has been deleted on February 25, 2024. All videos uploaded on this channel, including the aforementioned interview, were uploaded on February 25.

The Intel Drop article does not include any other source to support the claims made in the video or any information confirming the origin of the video. It does not explain who arrested the man in the video, if he has been officially accused of anything, or his current location.

If Russia had managed to prevent a Ukrainian plot to assassinate an American citizen, it’s likely that the news would have been widely reported, not just on a relatively obscure website like The Intel Drop.

This isn’t the first time this month that unverified claims about Ukraine’s alleged plans to harm Carlson have surfaced online. Following Carlson’s interview with Putin, another radio commentator, Alex Jones, publicly asserted that the American commentator had been placed on a ‘Ukrainian hit list.’

However, there’s no credible evidence to support such claims. Carlson has previously been listed on the so-called ‘Mirotvorets list’, an open-source database maintained by a Ukrainian NGO, which includes individuals suspected of promoting anti-Ukrainian narratives or posing a threat to Ukraine’s national security. Nevertheless, the list does not endorse any threat, nor promotes violence against those listed.



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