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Teliti’s statements on the DP’s program cost “vary” by 185 million Euros


Since  January 28 of this year, the Democratic Party has introduced its electoral program, namely about the economy, health, education, tourism, etc. “Faktoje” has found that in various public appearances, one of the DP’s economic program’s drafters, Mr. Dorian Teliti, has stated different cost amounts regarding the implementation of the program for a four-year term. This difference amounts to at least 185 million Euros, nearly double the economic package amount provided during the pandemic.

On January 29 of this year, one of the drafters of the DP’s economic program, Dorian Teliti, stated on A2CNN:

The cost of the program, of our budgetary undertakings, is less than 400 million Euros, approximately 370-380 million.

Two days later, on February 1, Dorian Teliti explained on Log, on ABC News that the amount of 370-380 million Euros is estimated to be just for the first year of the governance term, if the DP will win the election.

“Our current undertakings, such as the ‘baby bonus’, the housing of 20 thousand couples, undertakings in education and health, in agriculture with 100 million Euros in subsidies, etc., amount to a maximum of 370-380 million Euros. This is just for the first year.”

On February 11, regarding the DP’s electoral program, Mr. Dorian Teliti stated on “Real Story”:

The expenditures amount to 400 million Euros in the first year, 460 million Euros in the second year, 520 million Euros in the third year and just under 600 million Euros in the fourth year.”

Based on this statement, Mr. Teliti provides the financial cost per year by “omitting” the cost of 370-380 million Euros stated on February 1.

On March 3, on the ILVA Now program on Euronews Albania, Mr. Dorian Teliti spoke once more of the financial cost of the Democratic Party’s program.

We are talking about an expenditure package that starts at 400 million Euros in the first year and reaches to 500 million Euros by the fourth year. Thus, approximately 1.7 -1.8 billion for a governing term.”

According to simple calculations by “Faktoje” based on the last two statements of Mr. Teliti, namely the one of February 11 on “Real Story” and March 3 on “Ilva Now”, the cost difference is 30 million Euros for the second year, 40-50 million Euros for the third year, and 100 million Euros for the last year. Therefore, the program implementation cost varies by at least 180-200 million Euros (if we were to also consider the statements of January 29 and February 1)

Year                                                                        1.               2.                3.           4.    

Teliti, Real Story, February 11, 2021        400 mm    460 mm    520 mm   600 mm

Teliti, Ilva Now, March 3, 2021                  400            430            465            500


Difference                                                          0                  30               55             100

Total difference = 185 million Euros

This amount resulting from the difference of the two different statements is considerable, as it is nearly twice the amount of the economic package provided during the Covid-19 pandemic (100 million Euros or 13 billion ALL).

Following this finding, “Faktoje” asked Mr. Teliti regarding which of his statements constitutes the real cost of the electoral program implementation.

Screenshot of the Facebook communication with Dorian Teliti

Mr. Teliti replied as follows:

“Based on the estimations we have conducted with the experts, the expenditures for our undertakings commence at approximately 400 million Euros for the first year and amount to about 500 million Euros for the fourth year.”

Screenshot of the Facebook communication with Dorian Teliti

“Faktoje” has written before regarding the inconsistency in the costs for the implementation of the DP’s electoral program that were stated publicly by the 3 drafters of the said electoral program of this party. Experts in the field consider this to be incoherence by the DP, which increases public skepticism and renders the program easily attackable.

“In order for it to become believable, the Democratic Party should disclose the financial cost of each promise, as well as the source where the money to realize each of them will be generated from.” – experts suggest.


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